5 Habits Of A Successful Hairstylist


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There are many tips and techniques to become a successful stylist that go beyond YouTube tutorials and snapchats. And, even after mastering your hair slay, aspiring hairstylists need to ensure they have their business habits are in order to elevate your hair game.

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If you’re looking to go from kitchen beautician to celeb stylist or salon owner, here are some habits to consider developing, or sharpening, to set yourself up for professional hair success!

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Kunita is a licensed stylist, YouTuber, speaker, and blogger. She works as a stylist, colorist, and texture specialist at Estetica Salon & Spa in St. Paul, MN. Kunita's tag line is "Embrace Your Own Natural". She hosts natural hair events and meet-ups in her area to encourage women to embrace, enjoy and appreciate their own individual natural hair and beauty.