Monica Brown Shines On Cover Of ‘Hype Hair’ April/May 2016 Issue

Monica X Hype Hair May 2016

Photo Credit: Drexina Nelson

Monica Brown is simply radiant on the cover of Hype Hair magazine’s April/May 2016 issue. The R&B veteran has been bringing her impeccable brand of musical genius and glorious style since she was barely a teenager. She’s been slaying in the beauty department since then, ranging from hot pixies and super long tresses – and, of course, her vibrant red hues she’s been rocking as of late.

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For the cover, the Code Red singer is pictured in side swept, back grazing curls. Her loose curls are a darker shade of red and are a perfect complement to her wine lip. Inside, we caught up with Monica to talk hair, music and her biggest motivation.

Hype Hair: Give us some background information on your recent album, Code Red.
Monica Brown: Code Red is really special to me…It’s diverse but very much music with a purpose. I want to bring light and attention back to a very special genre of music which is R & B. It’s not as respect- ed, purchased or played like it used to be but with proper reintroduction to this generation I think it can be because it’s music with substance.

Hype Hair: How do you balance family and career, and can you share some in- sights for our readers that are busy moms on raising children?
MB: I balance family and work by putting things in their proper place, with that said FAMILY FIRST. I incorporate them in all I do and if it’s something that’s not good for the family I simply don’t…As working moms we have to take one day at a time. Preparation is always good but over thinking and over planning will only stress you out. Know that you’re capable of giving your job and children everything needed by God’s design.

Hype Hair: What was the inspiration behind the record?
MB: My inspiration comes from the musical legends before me…The fact that they love this music and genre and I enjoy being a part of keeping it alive. The single “Just Right For Me” was inspired by my realization as a woman that there’s no such thing as a perfect person but there’s definitely someone that’s right for YOU.

Hype Hair: How do you maintain your hair?
MB: I’m a kitchen beautician and have been or many years (LOL), so I’m very particular about my hair. I always wear a silk scarf, keep my hair moisturized, ends trimmed and protected during performances. My hair has been natural (no perm or chemical) for 18 years and I love it. I don’t have a favorite hairstyle, I love to change it but I’m most known for my short cuts, which I do love.

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