Dryer Time Read: ‘Fear is Not My Boss’ By Sonya R. Ward

Fear Is Not My Boss

Photo Credit: Instagram/@sonyaruward

Fear is Not My Boss by first time author, Sonya R. Ward is an absolute instrument of inspiration! The book chronicles the writers’ personal struggles, reminding the reader how ones spiritual posture confirms the type of authority each is entitled to in their approach to not only weathering a storm but canceling it as well.

This interactive read is inviting, thought provoking and truly empowering, ushering in healing, deliverance and freedom all at once as it takes you through personal storms to overall victory through the boldness of faith.

This book is filled with confirmation about God’s love and the power and mercy that God can have over our lives if we just let go and let God. To date, readers of the book have shared their own testimonies and words of gratitude, lading the book as a tool of inspiration. This inspirational book will help to tackle the spirit of fear and provide spiritual exercises that allow the reader to face their own fears and storms head on by engaging in journal entries. Fear Is Not My Boss is truly a heartfelt experience that guides each reader in exercises that help you focus on managing obstacles and getting on with your purpose in life.

Fear Is Not My Boss details the many ways in which God delivers us from fear, weakness and doubt and the author beautifully illustrates just how amazing His grace is.