Sanaa Lathan’s Wondrous Waves

Sanaa Lathan

Photo Credit: Hype Hair

Sanaa Lathan is pure talent!  We all remember her memorable performances in Love and Basketball, Brown Sugar, Something New, A Raisin in the Sun, Alien and A Family That Preys to name a few.  Not only is she constantly reinventing herself as an artist, these days, Sanaa is looking as fabulous as ever.

Healthy hair like hers begins with a great hair care regimen.  Regular deep conditioning is crucial to maintaining long lovely tresses.  Eating the proper foods also plays a huge role in establishing beautiful hair.  Shampoo and condition the hair regularly to get the basis of this hair look.

Hair stylist Redell Scafe perfected Sanaa’s hair for this exclusive photo shoot. A wet set with rod curlers is the perfect styling technique to achieve her curls, but using an electric curler will give you quicker results in half the time.  Simply, begin curling the hair at the roots and turning the iron until the entire section of hair is wrapped around the iron, then release.  Make sure to set your iron at the appropriate temperature for your hair texture, you do not want to scorch your hair.  Repeat the process in medium sections until the entire head of hair is completely curled.  Use a wide tooth comb to style the hair, then mist on spritz for hold.

Beauty Tip:

To create Sanaa’s sultry eye look, choose a charcoal eye pencil to color highlight the upper and lower, as well as the inner and outer corners of the eyes.  Use mascara to lengthen the lashes.  A light water based foundation can help to even out the skin tone with a bit of concealer on the trouble spots.  These great make-up techniques will take your evening make-up look to an all time high this summer!