Stylist Spotlight: Kameesha “K.Dot” Allick

Kameesha "K.Dot" Allick

Kameesha “K.Dot” Allick

For this edition of Stylist Spotlight, we’re highlighting Kameesha “K.Dot” Allick who caught our attention as a 2015 Voice of Hair stylist winner. The Atlanta-based hair diva has been professionally styling hair for the past eight years and also serves as lead stylist and Quality Assurance Director for the new hair app iWeave.

Allick got her start as kitchen beautician in college, slaying her and her roommate’s hair – eventually doing hair to pay her way through college. After graduating with a degree in Chemistry, she fell in love with the science of hair and went back to school to get her cosmetology license.

Hair by Kameesha "K.Dot" Allick

Hair by Kameesha “K.Dot” Allick // Photo Credit: iWeave

“I became fascinated with the structure of the hair, how it grows, how the scalp works, all the different scalp diseases,” said Allick. “It was so much more to hair than I thought.”

Today, the hairstylist is using her talents to not only transform her clients’ hair, but also their attitude and confidence. Read on to find out more about the weavologist’s hair secrets for maintaining moisture, advice for clients and the trends she’s loving most.

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