Try These Beauty Hacks To Combat Under-Eye Creasing

Gabrielle Union

makeup: Fiona Stiles / hair: Larry Sims

Rocking a cream-based under your eyes for a bright pop to your makeup look is cool and all, but under-eye is a no-go. We’ve all been victims, whether you’ve got a few fine lines or wrinkles in that area, creasing always seem to make itself known.

While the one good thing about it is that it’s a sure indicator that you’re smiling a lot, said celebrity makeup expert Fiona Stiles. In a recent interview with InStyle, she shared that the constant expressions of happiness cause “makeup to gather in the areas it’s pushed into.”

Stiles, whose clientele list includes the likes of Gabrielle Union, Nicole Richie and Chrissy Teigen, also shared a few tips and tricks to combat those crease lines to maintain a flawless application.

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Skin Care
Stiles’ first tip is, of course,using great skin care. As always, having good skin and treating it with the correct problems is the easiest solution to great makeup woes.

“Using the right cream for your skin type hugely impacts the staying power of makeup,” said Stiles. It doesn’t matter if you have dry or oily skin, hydrating with formulas that are tailored to your complexion is crucial.

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