Meagan Good Shares No Fuss Approach To Hair

Meagan Good

Photo Credit: Matthew Eisman/Getty Images

Hype Hair: What is your daily routine for maintaining your hair?
Meagan Good: No product. I avoid products as much as possible. You can go longer without washing it. When I do wash it, I try to be sensitive with the tracks. I get them tightened every few weeks. I’ll run baby powder through my hair to freshen it up versus using a dry shampoo. It gives it more bounce and is so much better than dry shampoo.

HH: Do you have any favorite go-to hairstyles?
MG: I like to mix it up. I’m looking forward to going back to dreads or back to blonde, and longer, for my off-season. But, my favorite is super short like a boy cut. It’s so low maintenance.

HH: You’ve returned to your sister locs ‘do, which we love on you. What are some of your other favorite ways to experiment with wigs, extensions and weaves?
MG: I love extension pieces! I think they’re fun because you can change and express yourself. I love weaves for the same reason, but they are obviously more permanent.

I don’t love wigs. I don’t feel secure [in them], but I’m starting to think I might like them as I get older. Sometimes you want to have your natural hair underneath and just take it off at night. [And], wigs can save you 30 minutes of sleep in the morning or when you’re on set.

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