WATCH: Brandy Opens Up About ‘Beggin & Pleadin’ Single


Photo Credit: Kat Morgan

The beautiful Brandy blew us away with the impromptu release of her “Beggin & Pleadin” single earlier this month. Now, she’s taking us behind the scenes in an exclusive interview with BillboardThe single not only marked an evolution in the Grammy-award winning singer and actress sound and in her creation process, it also gave her a newfound power.

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“It’s like b*tch, what? It makes me feel bossy. Even if it’s for two minutes and 45 seconds, I feel empowered by the story, I feel empowered by the vocals, I feel empowered by the production. It sounds fearless to me.”


Press play below to find out how she found freedom while writing the song and what she learned to believe in the last two weeks.

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