Trend Alert: 7 Ways To Get Glow-In-The-Dark Hair

Ms Candy CM

Photo Credit: Instagram/@mscandycm

Glow in the dark hair used to be reserved for special occasions – you know, like Halloween, cosplay or avant garde shoots. But, with color being the super trend of the last year — and, this one, too — it only makes sense hairnistas would explore every possible way to get their hue on.  So, now, black lights and neon streaks are taking over the ‘gram and our hair strands.

rainbow glow in the dark hair

Photo Credit: Hair by JFK

The best part of this trend is that most of the tools used to achieve the look are temporary and can be achieved on all types of hair – including textured or natural hair — though the colors show up best on lighter tresses. Click through to check out seven products you can spray, paint or style on and simply wash out when you’re ready for your next hair adventure.

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