Your Towel Might Be Damaging Your Hair

Women With Towel on Head

Photo Credit: Safia Fatimi

Who knew your drying routine might be ruining your hair? It’s true, that plush Egyptian cotton towel that feels so good against the skin is  playing bully to your hair strands. It turns out the texture of both cotton and terry cloth towels is damaging,

Celeb hairstylist Monae Everett (and Hype Hair’s on Blogger Network member) recently chatted with Huffington Post about the damage done using both cotton and terry cloth towels to dry wet hair.

“This can worsen split ends and cause small craters along the hair shaft, weakening the hair,” said Everett. “Noticeable signs of damage are dry hair and frizz. Frizz is a major indicator of damaged, dry hair in need of moisture.

Thankfully, Everett also offered three key tips for repairing the damage:

1. Use a shampoo and conditioner that is formulated for your hair.
“If your hair is color-treated, use a shampoo and conditioner for color-treated hair. If your hair is flat, use a volumizing shampoo and conditioner,” said Everett.

2. Use A T-shirt or microfiber towel.
“Blot and squeeze your hair dry instead of roughly drying it by vigorously moving up and down the hair shaft.”

3. Air dry, if possible.
“Since we seldom have the time, I recommend adding leave-in conditioner and moisturizer to your hair. Then, wrap it up turban style in a T-shirt and let it dry overnight. This will help your hair to dry faster and keep the moisture within the hair shaft.”