This Is What Happens When You Leave A Weave In For Almost A Year

Here we go with another weave horror story. This time, an unidentified hairstylist shares what happened to a client’s hair after leaving a weave in well past the recommended time frame. In the video above shared on Twitter, she peels back layers of colored extensions to reveal a mass of matted and, possibly, moldy hair. It’s. just. gross.

“You can not leave sew-ins in your hair for six months to a year,” she said. Everything under here is matted, so this client has to get this cut out and start over. Stop leaving them in clients!”

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What is the recommended time frame for healthy hair? Most experts say six to eight weeks (that’s weeks, not months). Please, take the time to properly care for your weave installations. We should not be headed into 2016 with more of these weaves gone wrong stories! When will we say enough is enough?!

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