Michelle Williams Talks Achieving Flawless Wintertime Skin

Michelle Williams | 2015 BET Awards

Photo Credit: Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic

Achieving flawless skin in the wintertime is a tough task. Between battling harsh weather elements that can leave your skin irritated, dry, and dull looking, and trying to lock in moisture, the winter months definitely call for a boost in your skincare regimen as a whole.

In particular, singer-songwriter and producer Michelle Williams recently divulged to ESSENCE some of her favorite products to use during the wintertime.

For Williams, moisturizing is key and she uses creams according to the season, exclaiming, “More moisturizing!” So, for the winter it’s heavier and summer lighter. In addition, she shared that year-round she keeps her Clarisonic brush handy.

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The chanteuse also loves to keep her summertime glow popping in the wintertime, too. So, she’s all about a good ol’ body scrub. “I might do an extra sugar scrub to have really glowy skin. Although it’s really cold outside, the dresses that you might wear might be off the shoulder, might show some shoulder. So you want your skin to look toned, even, and glowing.” Williams’ scrub-of-choice? Fresh’s Brown Sugar Body Polish.

What are you waiting for ladies? Try some of Michelle’s tips and see how it works for you this winter.