Built To Last: Why I’ve Traded In Primer For Mehron’s Skin Prep Pro


I’ve been using Mehron for the past year and can’t go a day without wearing it. After exfoliating, cleansing, and lightly moisturizing my face, I grab a small sponge and dab my face with the product and air dry for about five minutes before applying my makeup. I will warn that your face will feel a bit tight due to the liquid-based product drying, but even my own sensitive skin (which is no stranger to eczema flare-ups) was not irritated by the product. Plus, the tightness will subside.

Using this product daily, I don’t have to worry about how my makeup looks throughout the day, as it moves not one inch. For the ladies who have oily/combination skin and primers aren’t necessarily working to your benefit, I’d definitely say give Mehron’s Skin Prep Pro a try. It can be found online or at any of your local beauty stores. It ranges in price from $6 – $17 depending on which size you purchase.

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