Built To Last: Why I’ve Traded In Primer For Mehron’s Skin Prep Pro

When it comes to my own beauty secrets, there are some things I’m very overprotective of – especially my under-the-radar, holy grail products that the masses aren’t hip to.

However, when it comes to solving the redundant issue of properly prepping your skin for makeup, it’s one that I feel everyone should be schooled on. So, what’s the easiest way to make your makeup look effortlessly smooth and last all day (without slipping, sliding, smudging or transferring)? Most would say a good primer, but I’d say otherwise. I’ve tried endless priming products from cheap to expensive, but none got the job wrong. By the time I’d walk in the house from an eight-hour day, half of my makeup would have magically disappeared from my face. Not cool.

After visiting a costume makeup store while in my hometown of Atlanta, I shared my makeup woes with a sales clerk and she immediately recommended Skin Prep Pro by Mehron, a clear, fragrance-free liquid that is designed to increase the wearability of your makeup. Basically, it’s a super primer that’s made for performers/actors who need their makeup to stay fresh during their entire performance. However, Mehron can be used for the average Jane, too.

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