From Toner To Hair Treatment: 5 Benefits Of Rosewater

rosewaterAccording to beauty blogs all over the internet, rosewater is a gem. Roses are high in vitamin C, loaded with antioxidants and boast anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Finally, after hearing tons of buzz and reading several positive reviews on the scented water made by steeping rose petals, I decided to put its proclaimed multitasking power to the test. I personally purchased Heritage Store’s Rose Petals Rosewater, which cost me $6 for a 4.5 fl oz bottle at my local convenient store.

Heritage Products Rosewater, Rose Petals

After a few weeks of incorporating rosewater into my daily beauty routine, I’ve seen a number of changes in my skin for the better thanks to its versatility, including its calming and beautifying effects on the skin. Continue clicking to check out five different ways I used rosewater to my benefit.

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