Rihanna Is Screaming Out ‘Loud’

Rihanna | Loud
Rihanna’s latest release, Loud (Def Jam), is a rave-ready follow-up to her gothic-like, telltale release Rated R. Loud seems to be Rihanna’s attempt at reclaiming her optimism–an attempt to put those public relationship problems and nasty tabloid days behind her, and rise back on the charts as she is accustomed to.

“Only Girl (In the World)” revives the chilly trance of “Disturbia” with a newly vigorous vocal performance. On “What’s My Name” which features Drake–who has been rumored to have a secret fling with the Barbadian pop star–Rihanna sings, “Hey boy, I really want to see if you can go downtown with a girl like me,” depicting RiRi as a recovering, undercover over-lover.  “Man Down” revisits her roots as she sings with Caribbean swag to a ballad telling her “Mama” a tale of her murdering an unsuspecting lover/ex-lover. We wouldn’t want to be the mechanical dummies staring down the barrel of that gun.

Whether it’s a statement of freedom from scrutiny or a load of subliminal shots, Loud does let us finally know just what has been going through Rihanna’s been feeling this whole time.

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