Gold Label Cosmetics’ Kristen Elise Brown Talks Finding The Perfect Color & Makeup Must-Haves

Kristen Elise Brown

Photo Credit: Instagram/@Goldlabeler

Makeup artist turned beauty entrepreneur Kristen Elise Brown is on a mission to encourage women everywhere – and of every shade – a way to celebrate their unique beauty. As the brains behind Gold Label Cosmetics, she has created a luxury line of heavily pigmented lipsticks (and soon, matte lip pens) that are cruelty-, paraben- and gluten-free.

Gold Label Cosmetics“I believe in affirmations, beauty and luxury—Gold Label Cosmetics is my marriage to those three ideals,” said Brown. “Gold Label Cosmetics offers luxurious, flattering shades with superior formulations in chic packaging to women of all backgrounds.”

Brown is also the lead makeup artist on FYI Network’s hit show “B.O.R.N. to Style”, helping to makeover women and help them embrace their beauty. We caught up with the lipstick diva to get her tips for finding the perfect color and makeup must-haves.

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