4 Reasons Why I Prefer The Per-Track Method Vs. The Full Sew-In

Hair Weave

When it comes to weave and experimenting with hair extensions, I’ve tried it all — literally.

Bonded? Been there, done that, hated it. (And yes, believe the rumors – glue does damage). Clip-ins were cool, but I was always paranoid that at any moment one could slide out or I’d forget they were there while I furiously scratch my scalp, leaving one lopsided–or worse, on the floor beside me. Full sew-ins didn’t do the job for me, either. I’ve been sold the dream of not having any natural hair out for the sake of keeping it healthy and that the installation can still look natural. Hmm..not quite so.

Now enters the per track method a.k.a. my holy grail. After experimenting on (and even damaging) my hair, the per-track method will forever be my go-to. From application to upkeep to durability, continue clicking as I explain why I prefer this method over the numerous others available.

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