Watch 100 Years Of Ethiopian Hairstyles In One Minute [VIDEO]

Despite what we see in mainstream media, African women have been slaying the hair and beauty game since, well, forever. And, the beautiful women of Ethiopia are no exception. In its latest episode,’s 100 Years Of Beauty highlights the hair and beauty trends of Ethiopian women over the past century with model Feven G.

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From cornrows and pinned up bobs to high pony’s and textured tresses, the videos captures the essence of looks from each decade, ranging from 1910-2010. The best part? Seeing that no one escaped the big hair and loud makeup madness that was the 1980’s!

For even more beauty history, click here for behind the scenes notes from Karen Maniraho who explains significance of each look.

Flip the page to check out the women and historical moments that inspired each look.

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