10 New Hair Vloggers You Should Follow

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Finding new hair bloggers has becomes as important as finding an actual hair dresser.

Certain things you just can’t go into without proper recommendations, preparation and an overall connection with. People start hair vlogs everyday, but one that you will follow and really interact with, doesn’t. From the first woman I’ve subscribed to on YouTube to the one whose curls give me life, the women I get my virtual hair advice from, don’t just come a dime a dozen.

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I admit, the ones I connect with are all my virtual hair dressers and I have an immense connection to their videos. They are the difference between my good or bad hair days. Their creativity helps me try fresh hairstyles and good hair practices. Not to sound to crazy about these women that I’ve never physically met, but hair is a journey and these women (through their videos) take the journey with me.

And, every now and again, I update my list of hair vloggers because it’s always a good to try someone new. Here the 10 new hair bloggers I’ve been watching on YouTube lately.

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