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Trend Alert: Faux Freckles Are Here To Stay

Faux Freckles

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When I was about thirteen, I had one single mole on my face. I liked my mole. I felt like it gave me a sense of uniqueness. As I became older, my sole mole turned into a face full of moles and freckles. For me, it’s genetic. It comes from my dad’s side of the family. I’ve never shunned them. I’ve always embraced them, as they are a part of what makes me different.

To my surprise, I began to notice over the last year a trend hitting the beauty scene. Faux freckles. Yes, you heard me correctly! Women are adding this step as a part of their everyday beauty regimen. Faux freckles and moles are created using makeup. Faux freckles are even appearing on the faces of celebs and runway models from NY, to LA to the UK.

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“Typically the freckles are placed on the cheeks and nose in a natural fashion to simply allude to summer days spent lounging in the sun,” reported TAZ.com. “This idea is to create a youthful, playful look.

There seems to be no single method for achieving them. Some women prefer using sponges while others may use a liquid pencil to achieve them. There’s even a “Freckle Pencil” that can be purchased for $7 and a Kickstarter campaign for temporary tattoo freckles that last a month.

Do you have moles or freckles? What do you think about this trend that’s hitting runways across the globe? Yay or nay?

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