Celeb Stylist Angela Stevens Shares Tips For A Good Weave

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We’re always on the hunt for practical weave tips our readers can use at home. Celebrity hairstylist and reality tv star Angela Stevens recently appeared on “The Real” to share some basics on getting a good weave or wig install. As one of the stylists on “L.A. Hair”, she dished on how to pick quality hair, the foundation for a good sew-in and how to properly rock a lace front wig.

Check out her top three tips below:

Pick quality hair

Smell the hair. It should not have a scent. It shouldn’t smell like anything. If it does smells like corn chips or funky that is a clear indication that it not good.

Get a pain-free sew-in

You don’t want your weave to be too tight — especially not the braiding because that’s going to cause all kinds of breakage and alopecia, eventually. There is a common misconception that the weave is supposed to hurt – it’s not supposed to be painful. If you’re head is aching, something is wrong.

Make your wig look natural

You want to get a lace wig, lace hairlines look the most natural. If you do a light color, like blonde, you want to keep the roots dark because that’s going to make it look the most natural and seamless growing out the scalp. If you don’t color the root, you can at least put mascara at the root or use hair fibers and just make it look darker on the hairline.

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