REVIEW: M-61’s Fast Blast Is The Beauty Fix You’ve Been Waiting For

egg mask hypehairCopping beauty products on a dime are must, but, surely, cashing out on quality, products is also a necessity. Every now and then, a gal needs to have a few splurge-worthy, staple products that give her skin the TLC it truly deserves.

Recently, I spotted an interesting beauty product in my bathroom that I never took the time to give a once over before. What good is having a roommate if you can’t sample a few products, right? After getting the green light from my roommate to try, I instantly fell in love with and went out and bought my own bottle of Blue Mercury’s M-61 Fast Blast.

So, what does the product do exactly? It’s a two-minute facial mask that exfoliates and brightens skin, claiming to leave you with radiant, glowing and gently hydrated skin. From personal experience, it will definitely transform your skin. Plus, those with sensitive skin shouldn’t worry as the product contains seaweed and aloe, is 100% paraben- and synthetic fragrance-free and both dermatology and allergy tested.

The bottle has a small pump that allows just enough product to be dispensed without wasting. Not to mention, a little goes a long way with this particular product. The liquid-based mask lathers easily, too. After washing my face and patting it dry, I slathered a thin layer of the mask and left it on for two minutes as instructed. You’ve now been forewarned ladies, there will be a bit of a tingling sensation. No need to worry, it’s just the product opening your pores so the dirt trapped in your skin can be removed, which, of course, is the ultimate goal.

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