Beauty Fix: 5 Tips To Give Your Lipstick Staying Power

lip scrub

1. Exfoliate

Before you even pull out your tube, make sure your lips are smooth and hydrated. If not, pick up a lip scrub to slough off any existing dry or peeling skin and, then, moisturize to keep your lips soft. The scrub should provide a gentle exfoliation without stripping or tearing at your skin.

Try Mary Kay’s Satin Lips set ($18) — the two-step scrub and lip balm are sure to leave your lips soft and supple. You can also create your own scrub at home using 5 drops of olive/coconut oil and one teaspoon sugar OR some vaseline and a soft baby toothbrush. Once you rinse off, apply your lip butter favorite lip moisturizer.

2. Prime Yourself

A good lip primer is like the holy grail of applying a good lip. This magic stick not only helps to lock the color on your lips, it can prevent bleeding (no more lipstick on your chin), fading, creasing and, wait for it, feathering. Apply to smooth, hydrated lips and let dry. Your lips are now ready for some color!

Try Cargo HD Picture Perfect Lip Primer ($19). The formula is super easy to use and applies like lip gloss.

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