Here’s What Happened After I Tried My First Korean Face Mask

woman applying cream to face

After much reading and research on the rising trend of Korean beauty products in America, I was tempted to check out what all the buzz was. Beauty influencers and publications left and right have praised the country’s products that seem to magically transform your skin. So, of course I had to get in on the action.

Living in New York, I’m privy to a lot of different shops that cater to nearly every culture. Near my job, there’s a random block dubbed “Korea Way,” which is filled with Korean food shops, convenient stores and, best of all, beauty stores.

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After walking past The Face Shop for weeks, I finally took a leap of faith and scouted out some possible products to try. While the makeup they sold clearly didn’t cater to my complexion, I was instantly drawn to an expansive area filled with face masks. Nearly anything you wanted in a face mask was available. Got a super oily t-zone? There’s a mask for that. Need to brighten up those old acne scars? There’s a mask for that, too.

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