‘Just Extensions’ Documentary Explores The Truth Behind Hair Weave

thetruthWomen spend millions of dollars on hair extensions in the U.S. each year. When Riqua Hailes, salon owner and hair enthusiast, discovered she may be paying thousands for mediocre hair, she got fed up. After a client purchased extensions from her and returned a month later with matted, tangled hair, she decided to go straight to the source to discover just what she was paying for. Her concerns led her on a six-week journey through China, Cambodia, India, Peru and Brazil in a search for the truth about extensions.Just Extensions - Hair Process

What she learned may shock you. In China she learned that most Remy hair is made up of scraps from different hair salons mixed together with synthetic fibers to create extensions. In Cambodia, she witnessed women selling their hair for money and in Brazil, she found out actual horse tails were being sold as extensions. For the most part, there are no rules or regulations on how hair extensions can be made or labeled, so Hailes took it upon herself to find out what qualifies as good hair.

Her journey is now a documentary, Just Extensions, highlighting her discoveries. A statement on her site notes that:

“Each country visited will give viewers a never seen before look into how hair is sourced, processed and marketed to distributers and consumers around the world. Viewers are sure to strike up profound discussions on the myths perpetuated in the beauty industry and the true global value of hair.”

Just Extensions will be available for download via iTunes on October 14. Click through to take a look at the trailer. Let us know, will you be watching?

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