13 Hairstyles That Make Your Face Look Thinner

Gabrielle Union

Photo Credit: Getty Images/FilmMagic

Who doesn’t want to look thinner than they actually are?

We know that the colder months are coming and that means staying in the house more. And, staying in more, might just mean we’ll be eating those comfort foods and gain dreaded winter weight. Even though gaining weight is not on our bucket list, if it does happen, and you are like me, the first place that it appears is in my face.

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While we get ready for the colder weather, we’ve readied quick fixes to fight the appearance of weight gain in your face with several hot hairstyles. From long bobs like Gabrielle Union’ pictured above, to long layers and soft waves, click through for hairstyles that will not only give you a thinner look, but a younger appearance, as well.

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