4 Products To Protect Your Tresses This Fall & Winter

Woman with natural hair in autumn leaves

Photo Credit: Brzozowska

Just as we reinvent our wardrobe once again for the arrival of fall and winter, our hair needs the same tender loving care. Sure, chunky cable knit sweaters and shearling boots are snazzy, but dry, dull and lifeless hair isn’t.

As many of us know, the cold weather brings grim faces for two reasons: one, frigid temperature and two, the bad effects it has on your hair. Cold weather pulls the moisture out of your hair, leaving you with dry tresses that can lead to dandruff, extreme split ends and shine-less hair. Doesn’t sound all too exciting, right?

In this situation, here is my hand-picked list of four amazing and affordable items that you should keep fully stocked this fall and winter for happy, healthy and moisturized hair.

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