Dutch Singer Natalie La Rose Shares Hair Faves

Natalie La RoseSongstress Natalie La Rose was born and raised in the Netherlands where she developed and honed her craft as an amazing singer and dancer. By the age of 20, she was LA-bound, determined to follow her dreams. She was signed to a deal with Blackground Records, but as fate would have it, a chance meeting with rapper Flo Rida at the ESPY Awards would help to launch her burgeoning career.

We recently caught up with Natalie to chat about her upcoming project and hair faves.

Hype Hair: Tell us about your new single and upcoming EP.
Natalie La Rose: My new single “Around The World” featuring Fetty Wap is out right now! In between all of the traveling and performing, I’ve been recording my EP, which I’m very excited about! We haven’t set a release date yet, but it’s coming soon!

HH: What are your favorite hairstyles?
NLR: My favorite hairstyle is wearing my hair curly and all out!

HH: Is your hair natural or relaxed?
My hair is naturally curly.

HH: What products do you love to use in your hair?
NLR: I love the “it’s a 10” product line. It keeps my hair super soft and tamed.

HH: How do you care for your hair?
NLR: I try to wash my hair every week with “it’s a 10” shampoo and conditioner and, afterwards, the leave-in conditioner that keeps it smooth.

HH: Do you ever wear extensions?
NLR: Yes, I wear extensions to play around and give my hair more length! I usually prefer a length that’s not too long, that lets me keep it curly without the curls weighing down.

HH: How about hair color?
I’m obsessed with red hair! I’m absolutely envious of natural gingers! I think it’s such a beautiful color, so I like to play around with different reds.

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