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Wear the Curls, Don’t Let The Curls Wear YOU

Sisters With BeautyWear the curls don’t let the curls wear you. After recently styling my Curlkalon Kenzi Curls and going about my day, I began to receive calls, texts, FB chats, IG questions and tweets about my new install. A few Butterflies simply wanted to know how I installed them, while others were more interested in knowing how they could wear crochet braids. My only response was well, “I wear the curls, I don’t let the curls wear me”,… BAM.. JUST THAT SIMPLE.

If you didn’t know, crochet braids with pre-curled CurlKalon hair is my new #BAE. There was a time when I was dipping my hair in crazy hot water. Then I woke up. My install game turned up once I started using pre-curled hair and now I want to really open up the gates for questions, teachings, instructional, and workshops… Yes honey, I’m about to go slam crazy with the Beauty in Hair: Crochet Braids Edition…:)

I want to encourage those who are still on the fence, peaking over, to this crochet braid life — stop faking and climb on board. There are so many things you can do when rocking crochet braids and SWB is a source for all of your at-home options. I want you to wear the curls, and not let the curls wear you. Simply wearing the hair OUT, because you fear you can’t do anything else is a FALSEHOOD YOU DON’T LIVE IN ANYMORE.

WELCOME to SWB now come GET YOUR POWER BACK in Beauty. You have options and today we will be giving you just a few to partake in. Enjoy and let us know which Crochet Style you think you will add to your style list.

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