#MCM: 16 Times Idris Elba Served Suave & Sexy In Pics

Idris ElbaIdris Elba is the walking definition of suave and sexy, which is why we’re still baffled that the new James Bond author Anthony Horowitz would think he’s more “street” than “suave” to play double 007. In our opinion (which we think many women would agree with), no matter what role he’s playing, he’s still pulls off sex symbol. It’s his facial expressions, the tone in his voice, and the mannerisms he possess that make women swoon while watching him on the screen. In No Good Deed he was a cold-blooded killer, but how many women still would open the door for him? For starters, me.

Don’t believe me? Take these 16 pictures as proof that Idris Elba is very suave and can pull of Bond effortlessly.

They call him James, James Bond.

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