CurlMix Launches DIY Subscription Box For Naturalistas


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With hundreds of natural hair products on the market, one may be overwhelmed when shopping down the hair care aisle. From shampoo to stylers you’ve probably found a list of ingredients you can’t pronounce, which leaves me to believe that it does not belong in your hair. Some naturalistas have ventured out into the DIY world and haven’t gotten the results they expected.

CurlMix is a new service that takes the guess work out of creating your own mixtures and provides simple steps to help you become a DIY pro.

Founded by husband and wife duo Tim and Kim Lewis of the Natural Hair Academy, CurlMix offers a way for naturalistas to mix their own products on a budget and achieve great results.

“So many women want to be DIYers but don’t have the time, and others have the time, but no direction. This product is perfect for both,” said Kim. “CurlMix is dedicated to providing a more convenient, high quality, affordable solution to curly hair women in the U.S. who want to mix their own products. As conscious consumers, they want to know the ingredients and have the privilege of making the product in their kitchen.”

Each monthly CurlMix box provides five to seven ingredients, a recipe and demonstration link, a letter from the vlogger of the month and two containers to store your mix – one for you and one to share – all for $29.99.

September’s vlogger of the month is NaturalChica‘s Maleing Murphy who demonstrates how to mix a honey lemon mud wash which serves as both a hair and face mask. NaturalChica said after using the mud wash, her hair feels “incredibly clean.” “It’s moisturized, it doesn’t feel stripped, and my curls are so juicy.”

Press play to watch NaturalChica’s DIY Honey Lemon Mud Wash tutorial and find out how you can get your hands, and hair, on CurlMix‘s subscription service.

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