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Are Silicones Harmful To Your Hair?

Naturally SmittenAre you a label reader? If so, chances are, you’ve come across a few of these key ingredients:

  • Cetearyl Methicone
  • Cetyl Dimethicone
  • Dimethicone
  • Dimethiconol
  • Stearyl Dimethicone

You’ll find them in lots of styling and conditioning products that are very popular in the hair care industry. With the growth natural movement, times are changing. We once were willing to purchase any product that gave our hair the desired look, regardless of its ingredients. Over time, we had become accustomed to our hair looking, feeling and responding a certain way when we would use certain conditioners, wrapping lotions and setting foams.

There are now an influx of products on retail shelves that lean toward having more natural ingredients. Instead of those foreign ingredient names that are almost impossible to pronounce, we are now seeing shea butter, coconut oil and a host of other natural and raw ingredients.

While having access to natural ingredients is a great thing, there can be obstacles for consumers when it comes to the expectations of how our hair behaves and responds to gels, foams and conditioners. While most of us want natural ingredients, we have expectations of our hair responding to these new natural products in the same manner our hair would respond to products that have synthetic ingredients.

Those ingredients that I mentioned earlier? Those are silicones. They have been able to fly under the radar for a while, but with the natural movement, the true effects of silicones are now coming to light.

First thing’s first. What are silicones?

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