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Photo Credit: Naptural85

For the naturalistas who want stretched hair to achieve a popping twist-out or rod set minus the shrinkage, this post is for you. While some naturals do incorporate heat tools into their hairstyling process, there are many others who shy away from the possibility of heat damage. YouTube hair guru Naptural85 has found a foolproof way to achieve a blown out texture without a blow dryer.

By using only your fingers and a wide tooth comb you too can have blown out hair in four easy steps. On old stretched styled hair, start by parting your hair into smaller sections. Once hair is in manageable sections finger detangle your hair, then gently comb from end to root. Once you finish each section pin it out of the way. Repeat these steps for each section until all of your hair has been stretched. Working with dry hair is prone to breakage, so you must be extra gentle. You can even coat your hair with a thin layer of oil to limit to limit the breakage.

Once your hair is blown out, your styling field is limitless. You are able to achieve more length and volume for your styles and you hair is also detangled.

Click through to see blogger Naptural85 achieve a heatless blow out.

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