Dr. Hair Reveals The One Thing You Need For Healthy Hair

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In today’s beauty world, one of the biggest trending topics is healthy, shiny hair: how to get it and how to keep it. We read, share and bookmark tons and tons of articles that tell us what vitamins, hair products and foods we could try to get the strong, healthy hair we’ve been desiring.

But does any of it work? We recently caught up with the legendary Reginald Mitchell, International Education Director for Namaste Laboratories and ORS – better known as Dr. Hair, to see if we could find out what the real secret is to healthy hair.

His response: There is no secret or magic cure.

“In talking about secrets of healthy hair,” he said, “there is only one thing I can recommend: it’s a regimen.”

Darn! Though it’s easy to say we need a regimen, most of us don’t have a consistent one. Fortunately, Dr. Hair recommends the basics for both natural and relaxed hair: conditioning, no to low-heat, moisture and trims – and learning what works for your hair.

“I recommend shampooing, if you’re African American, once a week and using a moisturizing conditioner after shampooing. Once a month, use a reconstructive conditioning treatment. And then, don’t use so much heat. Give your hair a rest.”

So how about that? When it comes down to healthy hair, Dr. Hair said, “the biggest thing is finding a regimen that works for you.”

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