REVIEW: Black Opal’s Total Coverage Spot & Scar Eraser Is My New Must-Have

acne pick

Like many young women, I suffer from acne. While it’s not as severe as the wicked curse of adolescent acne I experienced during my middle and high school years, I am no where near blemish-free. I still get pesky pimples and white and black heads if I fail to face my face at night–even if I give it a good swipe with a makeup wipe–or my skin just decides to go haywire.

So, while my breakouts are pretty minimal, the scars from picking at skin has been the worst. I never understood why my mom would tell me to keep my hands off my face and not to pop pimples. Today, she’s the smartest the woman I know. And now, I’ve been battling with finding the perfect solution to not only cover my dark spots, but keep my skin healthy.

One day, while in the drugstore aimlessly searching for a new lip gloss, I came across Black Opal’s Total Coverage Spot & Scar Eraser. Of course, with my ongoing battle with dark marks and acne scars I figured this would be my perfect solution. At about $9 for 0.5 fl oz. tube (which is small, but you’re only applying it to the areas of concern, not your entire face) it was a steal.

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