17 Flawlessly Freckled-Face Beauties


All of my life, I have had a love/hate relationship with my freckles. Sometimes, I call them kisses from God. Other times, I’m trying every facial serum I can find to make them disappear or, as a last result, picture apps to help conceal them. And, I find that the older I get, more and more freckles appear on my face.

As much as I’ve tried to hide my kisses from God, I actually think they are beautiful on other people. I also find the new trend of creating fake freckles with makeup, well, interesting.

If you are also on the fence about your freckles, we have several ladies who rock their freckles with pride and natural beauty. And if that was not enough to convince you other wise, just know that you are in good company with such celebs like Sade and Nia Long, as they wear theirs well and there is nothing that is not beautiful about them. So, instead of concealing, I now say celebrate!

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