Hype or Hmm? 3-D Bubble Nails Are Back

bubblenailsNail enthusiasts, an old nail trend has recently been popping up all over Instagram. Although the style has been around since at least 2009, over the last few weeks, bubble nails have become the newest wave. We’ve gone long and pointy, short and squared, oval and even coffin-shaped. Now bubble nails, shaped like 3-D domes using acrylic, are making their way through social media onto the fingers of style risk takers everywhere.

For a lack of better words, I’ll call the trend interesting and unique, because it’s certainly unlike any other nail I’ve seen. I’m not sure how far the trend will go — there seem to be just as many people making fun of the trend as there are trying it, but isn’t that the way a lot of trends start out?

What do you guys think? Are you down to try bubble nails? Or are you waiting for this bubble to burst? Click through to check out more images of the look and decide for yourself.


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