That Awkward Moment When Your Hair Is the Discussion Topic

coverLet me first say, I rarely get offended by hair questions and bold statements, even when others think I should be. Even the infamous “can i touch your hair” doesn’t really grind my gears like it does for some others. But, although I’m not offended, it doesn’t mean that I’m not tired of answering those very predictable, awkward and, may I say, sometimes stupid, hair questions.

Whenever I do my hair differently, I know the next day at work I will be bombarded with questions about my big, huge (not really) hair change. I dread that, but I can also find humor in the situation. I often joke with friends beforehand, “What do you think they’ll ask or say about my hair?”. Our responses are usually outlandish, but at times, not as far off base as we would hope.

What are some things you get asked? After searching the web, and pulling together some of the questions and statements I remember, I put together a list of 8 questions and statements that many tend to agree are most annoying. Take a look below. We feel your pain.

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