Hair Props: Nina Kimiko’s Grey-Streaked Box Braids

Nina Kimiko

Photo Credit: Instagram: @ninakimiko

From salt and pepper to full-on grey hair, one thing is for sure: there are more than 50 shades of grey. And, this week we are giving #HairProps to Nina Kimiko who jazzed up her box braids by adding streaks of grey.

“I had an interest in them for a while and this was my chance to wear them,” Kimiko said. “I thought a streak or two of grey braids would be cute, so I put a few in myself, and apparently it was a hit. I love it and so does everyone else.”

Interestingly enough many people are no longer rushing to cover up those aged and, sometimes, premature strands of hair. In fact, many have caught on to the latest trend of embracing grey hair, and some have even opted to dye their own hair grey.

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“It is different, it’s something you normally would only see on older people,” Kimiko said. “With our generation and our willingness to explore and try new things, we’ve brought in grey hair and made it pop. Now grey hair is looked at in a new perspective, it’s beautiful. It’s something positive when you really think about it.”

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