Hair Envy: Solange’s Textured Tresses

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Leave it to Solange to make us swoon. Whether it’s her fashion-forward sense of style, her bold hairstyles, adept DJing skills or any other venture she’s testing out, Solo is clearly influencing ladies from all walks of life.

But it’s more so apparent that she’s ahead of the curve when it comes it mane matters. Solange is a real trendsetter. Remember back in 2009 when she did the unthinkable and rocked a TWA? Even when critics blasted her with endless memes and hurtful words of self-hatred for her natural hair, she kept it moving. And, a lot of us actually applauded her and lined right up to chop off our relaxed ends, too. Hence the wave of naturalistas who started vblogging and sharing their own journeys.

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Not to downplay anyone else who was #teamnatural before Solo, but as a female in the public eye, she’s definitely been at the forefront of the movement.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

And just two summers ago, she was leading the pack of cool chicks rocking those fresh, length-waist box braids that Janet Jackson made a trend in Poetic Justice. Yep, Solo did that. She rocked her box braids with perfection across festival stages all summer and had ladies hitting their local African braiding spot to give their natural hair some rest and relaxation.

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These days, she’s rocking a curly ‘fro: big, wild, and free. You name it, the multitalented beauty has tried it all and we salute her.

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