Hair Props: Bianca Lashawn’s Colorful Locs

Bianca Lashawn

Photo Credit: Instagram @biancalashawn

Hailing straight from the Motherland many centuries ago, dreadlocks have been known as a symbol of strength with multiple methods to achieve them. Whether you refer to them as dreadlocks, dreads, sister-locks or just simply locs, this style has progressed into something quite phenomenal.

This week, we are crowning Bianca Lashawn for her lovely ‘do which adorns her head with yarn locs that were done in green and blue! Lashawn has been natural for four years and since then she has made it her duty to maintain a head full of healthy hair by implementing different protective styles.

“I started doing my own hair over a year ago because I felt like I could learn to do my own hair and save money,” Lashawn said. “Yarn dreads are my favorite protective style; I absolutely love yarn dreads!”

In recent years, faux dreads have become an overnight sensation for many. The style can be done using Marley hair, Kanekalon braiding hair or yarn.

“I have tried Kanekalon and Marley hair. They turned out great, but I prefer yarn,” said Lashawn. “They are super light and you have a variety of colors to choose from. I do love incorporating color in my hairstyles. My favorite colors so far have to be blue and green, but I plan to try pink or purple next.”

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