Hair Props: Clarissa Todd’s Winning Twist Out

Clarissa Todd | Hatching Creativity

Photo Credit: Clarissa Todd/ Dress by Hatching Creativity

Hype Hair: Summer is often viewed as the time of year where women can truly exude their individual sense of style. What types of styles are you rocking this summer? 
Clarissa Todd: I’m so versatile. My style of clothing depends on my mood when I wake up. If I feel lousy, I will throw on some cute joggers with a nice pair of sneaks or If I’m feeling girly I will go for a long summer dress with a long kimono. I think I’m a hippie at heart – I’ve fallen in love with wide leg pants this summer. Anything floral and tribal print is a must! I love it all!

HH: What is your go-to outfit that’s quick, easy, flirty and fun?
CT: My go-to style is a high-waisted long skirt with a crop top. This style is easy to throw on and you don’t have to do much adding.

HH: What is the one thing you find yourself buying all the time?
CT: The one thing that I can’t stop buying? That would be glasses! Glasses are my thing this year! I love that there are so many shapes, styles and colored glasses now. We’ve moved away from the typical Ray Ban-shaped glasses to African-shaped glasses. Take a look at BeadsByAree or Style and Beauty shades. They are to die for!

HH: Where is your favorite place to shop?
CT: I like to shop at the GoodWill and Asos. The Goodwill has some great finds that are unique and Asos, which is an online store, [has] never, let me down on their sales! I’ve been wearing my sister’s clothing line, called Hatching Creativity. She’s designed some beautiful African print skirts for me.

It can be a challenge when you have a certain outfit or look you want to execute, but you can’t seem to find it in stores. Its’ cool that I can go to her and explain my concept and see her bring it to life. How awesome is that? I’m hoping to do a collaboration with her in the future!

HH: If you had to choose, what shoe type best describes you?
CT: If it were 2008, I would say heels because beauty sometimes causes pain and in my teenage years, pain was nothing to me! LOL But, now that I am getting older, comfort is my best friend. I would choose fashionable sandals. I like style and comfort. I’m still-hunting for a cute gladiator sandal!

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