#TBT: Your Favorite Natural Vlogger’s Hair, Then and Now

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The natural hair movement continues to pick up momentum and is showing no signs of slowing down. And, through it all, vloggers have been helping to hold us down. There are women have all been following for years who have amassed followers through their journey toward and education of healthy, natural hair. They themselves have turned their small fros into massive hair, growing their hair to lengths we all hope to achieve.

And, even though we know they are no longer at the beginning stages of short hair, it feels good to remember the days when they were, They are great reminder that we too, as long as we nurture our hair properly, can reach their current lengths.

We found 10 of our favorite vloggers to highlight their journeys, grabbed their first and most recent videos so you can check out their drastic hair transformations. 

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