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7 Things I Learned After I Colored My Natural Hair

1 | Seven Things I Learned After I Colored My Natural Hair

Tasha Branham Purple Twist OutWhen I colored my hair, I decided to only color one side. I wanted the flexibility to hide my color and and to have a little “sass” for the different styles that I do. I got the inspiration from a picture that I found via Google. What I didn’t account for, is that the image that I saw on Google was of one style on one day. I didn’t get to see what the color looked like with the puffs, braidouts and updos that I like to do on my own hair.

Because my color is only on the right side of my hair, sometimes the amount of color that shows isn’t flattering for the style that I wear. I have to be intentional with how I part my hair, where I part my hair, what direction I part it, etc. And, I have to make sure that if I decide to part the colored section, that the amount of colored hair on either side of the part is flattering. If I do an updo, I have to pay attention to where the color falls when I pin my hair up. So. Many. Woes!

Again, these are things that I, unfortunately, didn’t consider when I colored my natural hair.

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