7 Ways To Prevent Hair Damage When Rocking Weaves

Hair Weave

These days, it seems as if black women are losing their hair more than ever, and weave is the culprit.

It’s a scary truth to swallow, but knowing the risks of rocking luxurious extensions like our favorite celebrities is better than being blind to the truth, right? Lately, I’ve been hearing horror stories of young women having alopecia (which is permanent) because of too tight braids from weave installations, some of whom I know. I’ve even seen a personal story or two on social media of ladies who had to cut their hair off as a result of mildew that built up from keeping their weave in too long.

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Now, I know better than to keep a weave in past two months, but apparently not all of us do. Many of us go wrong when deciding to try out weaves because we haven’t properly educated ourselves on the pros and cons. Remember, the basics are just as important (if not more) than knowing how to master a top knot without your tracks showing in the back.

Here, we’ve laid down the law on 7 simple ways to prevent hair damage when rocking weaves. Ladies, share the knowledge with gals and make happy and healthy weave a trend.

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