Hair Props: Elumba Ebenja Is Dipping in Finger Waves

Elumba Ebenja

Photo Credit: Elumba Ebenja

Don’t call it a comeback, finger waves have been here for years. But, it is not too often that we see our readers rocking this vintage look. This week, we spotted Elumba Ebenja’s timeless ‘do and for that we say, ‘well done.’

Inspired by R&B singer Teyana Taylor’s recent waves, which she first debuted on Instagram, Ebenja asked her stylist Kesha Brewer to recreate this look.

“I took down my braids a couple of weeks ago and told myself ‘I’m just going to do something different,’” Ebenja said. “I was going through short hairstyles and Teyana Taylor had cut her hair off and gotten finger waves — I thought ‘oh I wonder how that would look on me?’ and from there I was inspired to go for it.”

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With lots of patience, precision and Ampro Pro Style Protein Styling Gel, these finger waves were brought to life. With her waves secured the waves in place, Ebenja was able to effortlessly dive into her weekly routine of teaching and working out without having to worry about her hair being washed-up.

“I found myself adding spritz to harden it up so that it wouldn’t move so easily, and hairspray to keep it shiny,” Ebenja said. “At night, I’d wrap it up with a satin headscarf, and when I was working out, I’d wrap it up with a bandana.”

Although the wavelength for this style may seem endless, Ebenja says that all you have to do is give your hair a good wash and, voila, you are free to sail on to something new.

If you are searching for a new hairdo that will accentuate your facial features and captivate onlookers, finger waves just might be the perfect low-maintenance style for you.

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