14 Times Celebs Went From Dark To Lighter Tresses


Janet JacksonAre you considering going from dark to lighter tresses or just coloring your hair for the season? If so you may want to consider our 6 Tips For Going Blonde Without Going Bald to reduce damage from dying and make sure you pick the right hair color for your skin tone.

But, if you are just needing some hair inspiration for your lighter tresses, we have hot shades of blonde, highlights and brown styles from some of our fave celeb hair crushes, from Janet Jackson and Beyoncé to Rihanna and KeKe Palmer. These hot celebs always keep us guessing on what their next mane moves will be and are not afraid to step out the box.

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Click through to check out 13 more celebs who have gone from dark to lighter tresses or vice versa.

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