5 Reasons To Go Short This Summer

Short Hair cutI went through most of my life with a head of fairly long hair. During my childhood, my mom took pride in how nice and neat my hair was and did an awesome job at keeping it healthy and strong. When I was old enough to manage it myself, and felt I was much too grown for her typical hairdos, I took over. My management failed in comparison to my mother’s, but overall, I kept it in tact. But something was missing.

Hair boredom started to set in.

The same wrapped straight style every day did little for my self-esteem and failed to give me the confidence boost I wanted during this new stage of life. Still I did very little, besides talk about what I should do. It wasn’t until four years later, after college, that I finally got the guts to do something.

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I went short and it was everything it’s cracked up to be!  Stylish, chic and bold. Short hair isn’t for everyone, if you think it’s for you and you’re looking for a life change, your hair is this perfect place to start. Still not sure? Read on for my reasons to get it chopped.

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