8 Mother/Daughter Duos With Envious Hair

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Growing up, we often mimicked our mother’s mannerisms, style, and hair, even if we didn’t realize it. How many times did you think you were either following the trends or fashion-forward for your mother to tell you, “I wore my hair just like that when I was your age.” It seems our mother/daughters bond go past gossip and shoulder cries to fashion and hairstyles.

The same can be said for celebrities. We often see their mini-mes blossom into distinct versions of them from their yesteryears. These young women (or little girls) give fans déja vu because we see their twin (aka daughter) rocking hair as their mother once did—or still does.

They may be starting them young with healthy hair or strutting down red carpets with big ‘fros, but whatever the case, the following mother/daughter duos keep us envious of and glued to their hair. 

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